Electronic Cigarette Storage Boxes

Hello and welcome to Vape ‘N’ Gear. This website is a start-up hobby business selling rustic Electronic Cigarette Storage Boxes hand crafted in reclaimed natural timber by Jas & Phil – two New Zealand based Kiwi Vapers with a passion for woodwork!

With a combined 53 years as ‘analog’ smokers, and with many, many years of attempting to quit with all the traditional ‘Quit Smoking’ methods known to man – these two ‘typical Kiwi blokes’ discovered vaping and have now a total (combined) of 5 years experience with electronic cigarettes and are proudly, completely ‘Smoke Free’ veteran vapers. Yay! Although it has to be said – exchanging addiction for traditional cigarettes for an addiction of collecting eCig related gear. 

This experience has led to the accumulation of a large variety of eCigatette related gear such as eLiquid, catromisers, clearomisers, tanks, mods, batteries, chargers, RBA’s, RDA’s, drippers, DIY bit’s ‘n’ bobs etc. etc. this list is a mile long – but you get the gist of it – This collection of Vaping equipment led to the requirement of an eCig specific storage solution… and NO!, Tupperware just doesn’t cut the mustard for a Kiwi bloke – and in all honesty there is very little out there catering to eCigarette storage – especially anything with a touch of ‘Class’.

The boxes you will see on this website are the direct result of peer pressure from friends comments on Jas & Phil’s ‘con-cocked’ solutions for the storage of all their accumulated paraphernalia associated with ‘Vaping”

 ‘That’s a great box, where can I buy one’ – ‘Can you make me one of those… Pleeeeeaase!’ – ‘You should sell them in the internet’… .etc. etc.

Well, now you can ‘Buy One’ – ‘On the Internet’

Head along to the ‘SHOP’ page and see if anything tickles your fancy – More products will become available over time so please bookmark and check back often. Even better – pop your details in the wee box below and we’ll flick you and email when we add new stuff. – We are working on some Mod Stands & Clocks at the moment and a unique storage/transport solution for use in the car as well as some vintage Cigar Box inspired vape gear boxes.

Happy browsing and ‘Vape On”